Perspective: Scholarships, Awards, Championships, and more!

Why are you going to college?

The answer to that question should be both simple and complex.

The simple answer should be “to get an education” or “to get a degree” or some very similar permutation of that concept. If it isn’t, you might want to rethink your whole college plan or at least discuss it with your parents, and you’re definitely reading the wrong blog.

The complex answer might include other job or career-related factors like internships, research, and networking; social factors like dating, Greek life, and parties; personal factors like satisfying your parents, escaping your parents, and finding yourself; and many other factors.  But if you’re reading this, you probably have athletics pretty high on your list of priorities.

As much as I applaud and support your passion for athletics and everything else that can make your college experience diverse and complete and just plain awesome, you have to keep the simple answer — an education and a degree — at the top of your list of priorities, both when you’re choosing a school and when you’re in school, deciding how to spend your time and energy.

If your goal is to get a scholarship, receive awards, or win championships, you’re probably going to be disappointed. The vast majority of college athletes don’t get any of those things.

Why are you going to college?

Look at these pictures. Look at the smiles, the pride, the tears of joy on the faces of these UCSC Track & Field athletes as they graduate. The simple answer is what it’s about, both for them as student-athletes and for me as their coach. We all have to remember that this is why they’re here.

Student and athlete: One UCSC Track athlete gets her long run in before attending her teammate’s graduation ceremony. Her ceremony will be tomorrow.
Tears of Joy: She got her run in yesterday. Today, this UCSC Track athlete can’t contain her emotions during graduation.
Class of 2017: UCSC Track athletes Bella, Tyler, and Sophia enjoy graduation ceremonies.

Keep moving in the direction of that robe and the funny hat and the piece of paper that says you earned it, and all the great things that says about you. You can include a bunch of the other things on your list from the more complex answer, just don’t forget the simple answer.

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